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Things to look for in an IT solutions company
May 17, 2022 at 7:00 AM
An office with computers operating at full capacity thanks to an IT solutions company!

In the modern world, your company’s technology is integral to your company’s success. Malfunctioning technology can have significant repercussions on your bottom line. Still, not every company needs a dedicated IT staff. Fortunately, an IT solutions company can help. At ITs Managed, we’re the premier IT solutions company in Grants Pass and Medford, OR. We have 27 years of industry experience and predicate our solutions on tailored, communicative service.

Here are 3 things to look for in an IT support company:

IT providers can help your company in numerous ways.

Response time

When looking for an IT solutions company, response times are critical to your organization. Your business should be a priority.

Still, this doesn’t mean they should cut corners to meet deadlines. Companies guaranteeing to fix issues within a certain timeframe are a major red flag. Ensure they are communicative and transparent, and it’s fair to expect quick responses to problems.

Waiting too long to resolve IT problems can significantly hurt your business. Quick IT response times are imperative to optimizing productivity. To gauge response times, ask how long it takes them to respond to a specific request, like a malfunctioning computer.

Ask specific questions like how long it will take to fix the problem and how long it will take to dispatch someone to help. More importantly, ensure they back up their answers with facts, metrics, and examples from helping other clients.

If fast response times are a priority in an IT support company, at ITs Managed, we provide quick and effective responses to all your IT issues.

24/7 availability and monitoring

Another key characteristic to look for in an IT solutions company is 24/7 availability and monitoring. Technology can malfunction at any time.

Prolonged lapses in functionality can cause significant disruptions to your productivity and significantly hurt your bottom line. 24/7 access to your IT support company is the bare minimum. Moreover, they should offer more than round-the-clock access.

24/7 advanced remote monitoring is crucial to ensuring your technology operates at optimum performance. Monitoring is critical to proactive management and enables IT support companies to detect and remediate issues before they can disrupt efficiency and productivity.

Your IT solutions company should monitor everything, from your network to your hardware to your software. Round-the-clock monitoring and 24/7 availability empower your organization to realize its full potential.

If 24/7 availability and monitoring are important in an IT solutions company for you, at ITs Managed, we offer both.

Team and services

When dealing with an IT solutions company, their team and services are the backbones of their efficacy. Their team should be supremely qualified experts.

Moreover, they should constantly train because technology changes so frequently, and they must be familiar with the latest technology and legal changes that can impact your business to ensure quality service and total compliance.

Ultimately, asking about their certifications and how often they renew them helps assess their expertise, and ask specifically about ongoing training with different systems. Moreover, your IT support company should offer a range of services tailored to your company’s scope and needs.

Never settle for anything but services that include a dedicated IT advisor and network security solutions. They should also help create a tech budget and be transparent. Lastly, when hiring an IT support company, find one that offers repairs and maintenance.

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If you need an IT solutions company in Grants Pass or Medford, OR, at ITs Managed, we are the premier service provider. Our tailored, communicative, and attentive solutions are like having an in-house IT team at your disposal. No matter your industry, needs, or the scope of your business, we can provide peace of mind through honest, reliable, time-sensitive service that ensures your technology just plain works. Contact us now to get started!