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I.T. Service When You Need It
May 11, 2021 at 10:00 PM

Our Managed I.T. clients enjoy a variety of methods to reach us when they need I.T. support. In this post, we will review each option, and talk about the response time of each method, so you can choose whatever works best for you.

Open a Ticket

  • Pros: It’s the fastest way to get the attention of every technician.
  • Cons: The response may be from someone other than your account manager.

ITs Managed clients each get our agent software installed on their computers and servers. The icon sits in your system tray and looks like a happy frog. Right-click the frog and select Request support. Fill out the short form and click Submit. Alarms go off on every technician’s phone to notify us of a client needing support. The first available technician will contact you and start working on your support request as soon as possible.

Email your account manager

  • Pros: You get a response directly from your account manager.
  • Cons: Your account manager could be with another client when you send your email, and your response time will vary depending on their schedule.

Every ITs Managed client is assigned an account manager. Over the years, you develop a rapport and trust possibly unequal to others within ITs Managed. We all strive to provide the quickest, most incredible customer service possible but understand that the excellent I.T. service you receive also gets provided to our other clients. If you want to hear only from one person, the time to respond to your support request may be higher than simply opening a ticket.

Call 541-474-6551

  • Pros: A live person always answers the phone, and they can always reach a technician. This is also the only method to reach us during after-hours emergencies.
  • Cons: It takes a minute to provide the receptionist your name and phone number before transferring you to a technician.

The ITs Managed business phone number is answered by a technician whenever possible during our business hours of Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. We roll our phones over for a one-hour lunch at noon. Our technicians will always answer the phone unless they are already assisting a client. In those instances, your call gets answered by our receptionist service that will collect your contact information, attempt to reach us, and deliver to us a message if necessary. Notification alerts go off on every technician’s phone when a message is received.

Call or text your favorite technician

  • Pros: You get a response directly from your favorite technician.
  • Cons: Your favorite technician could be with another client when you call or text, and your response time will vary depending on their schedule.

We get it. You’ve worked with a specific person for a long time, and you value their service above others. They have provided you their direct cell number, and you use it. This is the highest form of praise we passively receive, and we appreciate your trust in us. Something to keep in mind is if you contact your favorite technician outside regular business hours, you probably won’t receive a response until the next business day. When you have an after-hours emergency, the only way to get an immediate response is to call 541-474-6551 and tell the receptionist to page the on-call technician.

Press the help button

  • Pros: A physical button that sits on your desk. Various diagnostics and information on the health of your computer get automatically attached to your ticket, providing us with the info needed to solve your computer problem before we even investigate. The alert gets dispatched to all technicians.
  • Cons: The button itself is a one-time purchase of $20.

Our help desk button is an innovative approach to requesting support. Once pressed, it runs a few checks on your computer, provides a screenshot of any error messages on the screen, tells us what you clicked on that created the problem, and wraps it all up in a convenient ticket to deliver to every technician at ITs Managed. It combines the quickest method of requesting support, Opening a ticket, with automated issue resolution technology, which saves the technician the time it takes to manually perform the same steps. The one downside is the price of the button itself, which is $20. Contact us if you would like one.


Of the five methods open to all ITs Managed clients, how you choose to request support is up to you. We will always assist you just as quickly as possible as soon as we notice your contact. If you require the fastest and best response available, using the help button is the way to go. If you don’t want to invest in the button, opening a ticket via your Support Frog is the next best option. The other methods place you at the mercy of the availability of a specific person.

Whichever you choose, we are thrilled to help you achieve success by focusing on your technology, so you don’t have to.

Your partner in success,

Josh Hatch
Phone: 541-474-6551
Cell: 458-229-9119
Address: 777 NE 7th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

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