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5 essential Gold Beach, OR accountant IT solutions
December 30, 2021 at 5:00 AM
An accountant on a laptop.

When your accounting firm faces disruptive problems with your software or systems, you need the right IT solutions to counter them. But which problems should you be preparing for?

The digital side of accounting work involves interacting with a few different kinds of systems and applications in specific ways. The IT support most ideal for you to invest in will help make those interactions (and any risks associated with them) easier to manage.

In this blog post, we’ll cover a few critical areas where strategic IT solutions can offer big benefits to your business and workflow.

Network security

It isn’t just big corporations that are targeted for data breaches by hackers and other bad actors. In fact, out of all types of small companies, accounting firms are targeted most frequently.

When it comes to your network security, your employee and client personal information is at stake, making this an extremely important area of consideration for any accounting firm. The right solutions for mitigating those risks include:

  • Training your staff in cybersecurity best practices
  • Network firewalls
  • Strong data access protocols

Device support

At a time when employees for many different kinds of businesses are working remotely, support for technical issues with a computer or phone needed for work-related activities is critically important.

The best first step for offering this kind of support is to train employees in best practices for device usage. Unexpected situations sometimes arise, though, and it’s equally important to have support professionals in place with the training to help diagnose and tackle technical issues in a detailed, easy-to-understand manner.

Data backups

On the note of unexpected situations, it’s possible to lose important client data for any number of reasons. For an accountant working with several clients to file tax returns and handle a number of other detail-oriented financial matters, this could be a catastrophic loss.

The right data management strategies like periodic backups can help mitigate the risk of this situation happening. Consulting an experienced IT professional can help you both formulate and implement these strategies more effectively than may otherwise be possible.


Bookkeeping and other accounting services can be tedious, especially if you have a base of multiple clients and a large amount of information to sort through. When deadlines are a factor, it’s important to find ways to speed your process up. Introducing automation into your work where possible can go a long way toward that, particularly when working with spreadsheets and other large sets of data.

System updates

Partially for security reasons and partially for improving your firm’s digital capabilities, keeping the technology you work with up to date is crucial. This doesn’t just mean the software applications you rely on to get your work done, but also your computers and other devices.

Systems updates can also introduce many unexpected changes, though, that may prove disruptive to your workflow at first. Having the right support staff on hand to help manage the transition can make it smoother and easier for you and your employees to adjust to.

Experience the benefits of managed accounting IT solutions

At ITs Managed, we’re dedicated to offering the best in Gold Beach, OR accountant IT solutions, including the ones mentioned in this blog post and others.

We’ve been in the business of helping small businesses, including accounting firms, meet their IT needs effectively for over 27 years. Your peace of mind is our goal, and we’re dedicated to achieving it by helping you manage your technical challenges.

Interested in booking an appointment with our team to learn more? Contact us now!