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5 common computer repairs for your business in Grants Pass
August 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 common computer repairs for your business in Grants Pass

Most of us have an appreciation for the technology we use in our everyday lives. However, it can be incredibly frustrating when our computers aren’t running up to our regular standard. In fact, it can slow down regular business operations and even frustrate customers. At ITs Managed, we understand this and want to help you get your computers running the way they should. If you’re unsure about the state of your computers and think you might need computer repair in Grants Pass, we have a list of five common issues people have with their computers.

Runs slow

A computer shouldn’t run so slow that you can’t perform basic tasks. While fixing a computer that runs slow can sometimes be as simple as closing programs that are running in the background, there’s a possibility that it could be more complicated. Whether it’s a software update, the addition of new hardware, or something else that’s slowing down your computer, we can repair it so it’s back to running like new once again.

Making strange noises

Every computer has a fan to make sure that it runs cool. Other than that, your computer shouldn’t be making too many noises while it’s running. Platters on your hard disk spinning to retrieve data can be a sign that it’s overworking as well as a fan that never shuts down. The more noise your computer makes while you’re using it, the more attention it’s likely to need. Consider bringing your loud computer to us for repairs.

Won’t start

Many issues can be causing problems if your computer won’t start. Sometimes it’s as simple as the power supply coming loose from the back. In this case, simply unplugging the cord from the back of your unit and plugging it back in could resolve the issue. You can also check the outlet by moving to another power source. Keep an eye on lights that indicate it’s receiving power and listen for the fan. If you have power going to the computer but it still won’t start, it could be time to replace the power supply to your computer.

Restarts randomly

A computer that restarts in the middle of your work can be frustrating. Whether you’re losing work or having to pause in the middle of a service, it can cause major issues. A computer that randomly restarts could have myriad issues. From a graphics card that overheats to power supply problems to a virus or malware. Our team can run diagnostics on your computer to identify the problem and perform a complete repair. We’ll provide you with recommendations like upgrading RAM, changing power supplies, or reinstalling drivers. We can help repair your computer with this frustrating issue.


Like a car that overheats, a computer that overheats can later have severe issues. A computer that runs cool not only runs faster, but it’s also not at risk of overheating the hard drive. If your computer runs too hot, it could eventually melt some of its components then need a more costly and invasive repair. Address a computer that runs hot right away so you can replace the fan or identify another potential problem.

Reach out to learn more

Get in touch with our team today if you’re having computer problems at your business. At ITs Managed, we offer computer repair in Grants Pass so you can get your computers back to running like new again. Give us a call at 541-474-6551 or fill out our online contact form. We're here to assist with all your computer repair needs.