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5 Business Benefits of Metal Recycling in Grants Pass, OR
March 16, 2023 at 4:00 AM
PCS of Massachusetts is New England's premier provider of HIPAA Compliant Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling programs. As well as asset re-marketing re-sale of excess electronics, medical and laboratory equipment. We are a proud member of The National Recycling Coalition and we are RIOS/R2 Certified.

In today’s competitive business environment, companies must always search for new ways to separate themselves from the competition and attract new customers. As a business owner, you have numerous ways to do that, but one that many people ignore is metal recycling in Grants Pass.

While it may not seem obvious to some, properly disposing of your old office equipment, such as computers, printers, and accessories, can help your company in various ways. In fact, if you find the right provider, you can expect to enjoy these many benefits.

Reasons to partner with a Grants Pass metal recycling provider.

Bolster your bottom line.

Properly disposing of obsolete electronics around your office may not seem like a sound financial business decision, but, in reality, it can affect your budget. If you don’t get rid of old equipment the correct way in Oregon, your business might face legal fines from the government, which can add unnecessary expenditures to your books. On the flip side, many companies will pay you to recycle your electronic waste. They can refurbish and resell old equipment, so not only will you avoid fines, but you can pad your books with additional revenue.

Increase productivity.

If you choose not to use a Grants Pass metal recycling provider and still want to avoid fines, you’ll have to use internal manpower to ensure everything is disposed of properly. That requires having your team take time out of their day to sort through your electronic waste, determine the best way to dispose of it, and transport the waste to the correct recycling facility. That’s time they could use on more pertinent tasks that help you grow your business.

Support your community.

Unless you run a major corporation with fingerprints across the country, you likely rely on your local community to support your business. That means you need to actively participate in it to build trust and camaraderie amongst your customers. Recycling metal in Grants Pass helps provide jobs for members of the community, and most providers can often refurbish your electronic waste and sell it back to the community at discounted prices. By providing these resources to your local community, you strengthen your stance and become a trusted local business.

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Protect the environment.

When not properly disposed of, electronic waste can wreak havoc on the surrounding environment. The chemicals used to construct the electronics can escape into the surrounding nature, contaminating the soil and potentially leaking into valuable waterways. If you recycle them, though, not only do you protect the environment, but you also help to reduce the amount of rubbish in landfills.

Go green with your business.

As more consumers become vested in protecting the environment, businesses are realizing that it pays to go green. Many potential customers would rather do business with a provider who does their part to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. By using a Grants Pass metal recycling provider, you can demonstrate your commitment to doing your part and use that as part of your advertising campaigns to attract new customers.

Don’t let your old electronics go to waste.

Make sure everything is disposed of the right way with Grants Pass metal recycling services from ITS Managed. Every business needs IT support and management, but not every business can support an in-house IT department. That’s where we come in. We’ve been providing personalized IT services in Southern Oregon since 1989, and we can help you with tasks big and small.

Whether you need ongoing support for your network or simply need us to help you remove old equipment, we’re confident we can tailor our services to fit your every need. Learn more about our services online, or contact us to set up your initial consultation.